IUKFP: An overview of Progress

Since the formation of this Partnership in July 2014, we have assembled a group of leading financial sector CEOs and key regulators, hosted several meetings in London and Mumbai, published seven policy papers and provided concrete suggestions to policy-makers. We hope that this has contributed to strengthening the linkages between the financial and related professional sectors in the UK and in India.

Since formation, we have identified nine work-streams for initial focus with the objective of making recommendations based on the perspective of practitioners. We have completed seven papers, highlights of which are presented in this summary.

We intend to continue to develop future work under the Partnership based on emerging priorities of both Governments.Identified future areas of collaboration include Green Finance, Divestments, Internationalisation of the Rupee and Financial Technology, and we look forward to presenting a number of these papers at the next India-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue early next year.