The City Speaks - A milestone study of the views of financial and related professional services leaders on the EU

This study published today, of the views of financial and related professional services on the EU, is the latest milestone in our EU research programme. The survey, which was undertaken with Ipsos MORI, interviewed 101 UK based CEOs, chairmen, CIOs, board members, directors and partners of firms from across the sector.

As the leading cross-sectoral body for financial and related professional services, we are uniquely well placed to set out the views of our members across the sector on the UK and the EU relationship. It is our role at TheCityUK to make sure that the practitioner voice is heard on the issues that matter most. The referendum debate is of great interest to business in the UK, the EU and in the international arena. There are few other issues of such importance at the moment for our sector.

This research offers a fascinating view from the captains of the industry. They have spoken frankly about what the referendum debate means for the UK and their own businesses. It has been easy to characterise this issue as one driven by opinion rather than fact, so it is timely to bring robust evidence to the table, and focus on the practical business issues, leaving the political considerations aside.