Long-Term Competitiveness Group

Our Long-Term Competitiveness Group is responsible for influencing the policy environment and evolution of regulatory frameworks to ensure the UK remains an internationally attractive and domestically competitive place for financial and related professional services firms to do business.

The group provides strategic input to our policy positions in relation to all long-term competitiveness issues across the industry. It is focused on the future shape of the UK’s regulatory, legal, mobility and tax regimes and the approach of its regulatory and supervisory authorities.

We influence the evolution of the frameworks affecting business as it adapts to technological, environmental, and social change, and work to promote the financial and related professional services ecosystem in the UK.

The group is supported by several specialist committees:  

  • Green and Sustainable Finance Group
  • Legal Services Group
  • Tax Group
  • Technology and Innovation Group
  • EU Coordination Group
  • Capital Markets Group
  • Industry Partner Competitiveness Group