TheCityUK responds to EU leaders’ approval of the Brexit deal

The UK’s Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union (EU) has been approved by EU leaders.

Responding to the publication, Miles Celic, Chief Executive Officer, TheCityUK, said:

Today marks a significant moment in the Brexit negotiations. The approval of the Withdrawal Agreement means a deal which can deliver an orderly Brexit is a major step nearer. The avoidance of instability is critical for our industry, the customers and clients we serve, and our employees in the UK and across the EU.

“There is now a straight choice between this deal and a no-deal Brexit, which offers only higher risk, costs and disruption.

“The focus must now be on securing the Withdrawal Agreement and the transition period it brings – which is critical for our industry and many others. There is much still to be negotiated to define the future relationship. The sooner that can get started, the better.”