Europe Work Programme

TheCityUK works to highlight and advance the UK’s role as Europe’s financial centre.

Our Europe work programme promotes the competitiveness of the UK-based financial and related professional services industry across the continent. , We’re producing evidence and policies that respond to and define the challenges and opportunities of Brexit for the industry and clients it serves across Europe.

We engage with policymakers and other key stakeholders in the UK, across the EU and in Brussels to identify priorities and solutions, and to help shape a new, mutually beneficial relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

Brexit priorities

Working with our members we have identified the following key Brexit industry priorities:
- securing the withdrawal agreement to provide the necessary legally-binding transition arrangements
- a bespoke future relationship agreement that delivers the best possible mutual market access
- continued mutual access to talent and skills
- resolution of technical cliff-edge issues, such as contract continuity, which should not be caught up with the wider Brexit negotiations. 

European policy priorities

The mutually beneficial relationship between the UK and Europe’s financial and related professional services industries is underpinned by:
- The UK’s share of European financial and related professional services business.
- Access to the full range of expertise and inter-relationships only available in a truly international financial centre ecosytem.
- The value of euro-denominated business and trading undertaken in the UK.
- European businesses’ presence in the UK.
- European customers of UK-based financial and related professional services businesses.

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