Anglo-German Financial Services Dialogue

TheCityUK’s Anglo-German Financial Services Dialogue (AGFSD) works to effectively influence European and global policy and regulation.

We recognise the importance of collaborating and working closely with our German counterparts to focus on mutual priorities within our financial and related professional services industries. We seek to jointly agree to progressing areas of research or policy proposals that will influence senior policymakers from the UK and Germany and benefit the industry. Together we present evidence and analysis drawn from these markets.

Our joint Chairs are Sir Winfried Bischoff, Chairman of the Financial Reporting Council and Dr Lutz Raettig, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Morgan Stanley. We meet twice a year, alternating between the UK and Germany.

Priorities of the Anglo-German Financial Services Dialogue are:

- To share expertise on the issues affecting the competitiveness of financial and related professional services.
- To engage with policymakers and regulators at supra-national, EU and national levels on these concerns.
- To promote the competitive nature of our financial and related professional services sectors and their contribution to the European economy and society.
- To encourage the development of communication on issues of mutual importance.
- To collaborate on issues of strategic importance, with the aim of influencing policy when desired.

Recent activities

Organising delegations to Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt to meet with
senior practitioners, stakeholders, and the German representatives of those who support the rights of the industry.

Our wider work

Our work on the AGFSD forms part of TheCityUK’s and the City of London Corporation’s IRSG programme of bilateral financial services dialogues with EU Member States. Other dialogues include France, Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland.

For more information about our Europe work programme please contact us.