TheCityUK Cyber Market Advisory Group

TheCityUK’s Cyber Advisory Group focuses on preparing and protecting UK-based financial and related professional services firms from cyberattacks.

We work to prevent cyberattacks across the industry and the wider economy. Our ‘Cyber and the city’ report received wide support to increase the scale, reach and effectiveness of current activities to help prevent cyberattacks on our industry. While our ‘Governing cyber risk: a guide for company boards’ report outlines a new framework for boards to meet the growing cyber threat.

Priorities of the Cyber Advisory Group

- To offer the UK government expertise from the industry.
- Influence government policy on increasing activity to prevent cyberattacks.
- Drive key projects that will build the industry’s cyber resilience.
- Develop the competitiveness of the wider UK cyber sector and establish the UK as an international centre for cyber management services.
- Encourage greater engagement from our members and the wider industry on both the risk of cyberattacks and the need to plan for an appropriate response.
- Identify how to best engage and share existing information, expertise and intelligence with law enforcement agencies.

For more information about our Cyber Advisory Group, please contact us.