Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS)

TheCityUK’s Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee comprises a recognised group of experts who work with governments and multilateral organisations to shape UK trade and investment policy.

For more than 30 years we have worked to remove barriers for UK businesses that trade in international financial markets. 
Our LOTIS Committee consists of representatives from across the UK-based financial and related professional services industry.

Priorities of the LOTIS committee

- Preparing a framework for a UK-EU Free Trade Agreement post Brexit, covering financial services as well as issues important to our members such as public procurement, competition rules and intellectual property.
- Business-driven priorities for trade and investment liberalisation.
- Responding to requests for detail on trade and investment barriers to be overcome.
- Commenting on positions taken in negotiations, and advising on acceptable outcomes.
- Briefing on trade and investment agreements, once concluded.
- Generally maintaining the case for the liberalisation agenda and increasing its profile.

Recent activities

The LOTIS Committee has been responsible for two publications by TheCityUK on trade and investment policy post-Brexit: 'Future UK Trade and Investment Policy: TheCityUK submission', and 'A UK-EU association agreement and future UK free trade agreements'. The Committee continues to work to remove barriers to international markets for its members and UK-based financial and related professional services businesses.

For more information about the work of the Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee please contact us.