Infrastructure & Energy Sectoral Advisory Group

The Infrastructure & Energy Group is a Sectoral Advisory Group for TheCityUK, it provides thought leadership for the use of the private sector as a means to meet the unfulfilled global demand for infrastructure and public services.

The Group advances the positive public policy framework required to support public private partnerships (PPPs) in the UK, the EU and further abroad. While doing this, it demonstrates how the UK’s unrivalled experience means that UK-based practitioners have a wide and deep range of knowledge upon which to draw.

The Group works with overseas governments at central, regional and local levels to promote the wealth of expertise in infrastructure investment and PPPs are available from UK-based firms. By providing meaningful information and organising relevant, targeted events, we are helping foreign governments make the contacts they need, understand policy issues and select suitable advisers.

Over the last two years, some thirty overseas governments have enjoyed the benefits of this work. The Infrastructure & Energy Group provides support and operates in conjunction with TheCityUK’s many geographic market groups. It also takes the lead for other areas of the world, such as the United States, where there are major infrastructure investment opportunities.

The Group includes experts from across the membership spectrum of TheCityUK, including banking, law, insurance, accounting and risk management.

Bodies such as UK Trade & Investment and HM Treasury’s Infrastructure UK are invited to work with us on projects and events where a partnership with government is helpful, for example to support inward investment discussions or market improvement proposals to meet the needs of specific countries.

Our agenda includes

- Influencing the infrastructure agenda at the level of the G20, the group of leading nations which has helped to set rules and provide guidance for the international economy since the Global Financial Crisis, through active membership of the Business 20 (B20).
- Publishing independent statistics, analysis and commentary on the infrastructure market.
- Contributing to the European discussion on jobs and growth by providing input to the paper on Long Term Finance for Infrastructure and Companies.
- Providing input to the work of the Financial Services Trade & Investment Board, UK government-led international dialogues and UK government consultations.

For more information about the work of the Infrastructure & Energy Group please contact us.