Anjalika Bardalai

Economic blog: Quantitative Easing - ‘no exit’?

Amid the fanfare that greeted the bullish economic projections published last week in the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Report, one detail of monetary policy received relatively little attention.

Bonds: agents of socioeconomic recovery?

As the world approaches a full year of having grappled with the novel Coronavirus, it’s worth taking a closer look at examples of financial services products created to address a very specific problem: catastrophe, pandemic and social bonds.

Productivity: a financial services perspective

In my last blog post I explored some analysis the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has undertaken on productivity in the UK regions and nations. But the data I explored last week was for the whole economy; today I want to take a closer look at productivity in financial services.

What is it that makes green finance green?

Last month I was delighted to help TheCityUK inaugurate two things: a new economic research report on green finance, but also a collaboration with Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Climate Finance & Investment.